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Case Study

US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL)

Extracting, Formatting and Delivering Critical Business Data with the Saleslogix Database

Excellent service, informed personnel and professional management of oil and gas exploration and production waste have made US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL) a leading provider of E&P waste management services. USLL required a solution that would automate its business reporting procedures. More specifically, it was looking to automate the monitoring and reporting on critical business functions such as credit control.

Primary Applications Used: Saleslogix (Infor CRM)

The Challenge

  • Remove non-value adding tasks from workloads
  • Synchronise the Saleslogix (Infor CRM) database with remote users
  • Automate report production processes

To read how US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL) achieved by automating its business reporting and more, please download the case study.

“We have used the Report and Document Automation capabilities of BPA Platform to automate a number of reporting procedures which, in itself, reduces costly, repetitive administration.”
Jeep Christian, Customer Service Bureau Analyst, US Liquids of Louisiana 

Case Study: US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL)

Case Study: US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL)

Discover the benefits US Liquids of Louisiana (USLL) achieved by using Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform to automate business reporting.

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