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Purchase Order Approval Software

Are you using spreadsheets to create purchase orders? Or are you looking for a purchase order approval software solution to streamline your purchase order authorisation processes?

Applications Platforms’ Purchase Order App provides organisations with the ability to quickly and simply create purchase orders and single or multi-level workflow authorisation processes regardless of location. Our cloud-based Purchase Order system can be deployed ‘as is’ or as a starting point to customise your own application with flexible, reconfigurable and customisable point and click, drag and drop functionality.

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Purchase Order Approval Software Overview

Why do you need a Purchase Order App?

Purchase order software enables businesses to improve purchase order management, streamline workflow approval processes and track all approved or declined purchase orders. It helps organisations to keep purchase orders in one place, reduce buying cycles and increase the visibility of financial expenditure. Common uses of purchase order solutions include:

  • Create purchase orders through a web browser or mobile device
  • Synchronise purchase orders created in an ERP System to a Purchase Order App
  • Synchronise purchase orders created remotely with an ERP system
  • Establish single level purchase order approval workflows
  • Create multi-level purchase order authorisation workflows

Applications Platforms’ purchase order application features include:

  • Create Purchase Orders and requests
  • Detail Purchase Order information e.g. supplier details
  • Connect Purchase Order and invoices to an open job
  • Create single or multi-level approvals
  • Built in data validation e.g. Incomplete purchase order if no vendor exists or missing pricing
  • Assign user roles and permissions in a secure environment
  • Define and customise workflow processes, statuses and actions e.g. Trigger notifications, approval authorisations
  • Report creation
  • Automated data backups
  • Implement workflow and business logic

What are the benefits of a purchase order system?

  • Achieve complete visibility of a purchase orders created, approved and declined
  • Removal of creating purchase orders in Excel spreadsheets
  • Achieve 100% accurate audit trail
  • Reduced buying cycles
  • Increased visibility of financial expenditure
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