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Applications Platform CRM in Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the hub around which we work, so why not make it even more powerful. Our industry-leading CRM in Outlook plugin means you can delve straight into the information you need, right from inside Outlook.

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Applications Platform CRM in Outlook Overview

The CRM in Outlook plugin enables you to record emails quickly and easily to your Codeless Platforms CRM system (or any application built upon Applications Platform) and allows you to apply follow up actions for the customer account – such as email, phone, meeting or task.

You can add and edit notes, include attachments and assign the email to any type of related data, such as an activity, opportunity, history, support ticket or campaign. New contacts can easily be added to the CRM system and their details edited within a few clicks.

The Applications Platform CRM in MS Outlook plugin also provides quick, direct access to your CRM data directly from your inbox – no need to constantly switch between applications. The plugin is fully customisable and adaptable to any application – view whichever data set you require.

What are the benefits of Applications Platform CRM in Outlook?

Adding Applications Platform CRM in Outlook to inboxes makes it easier for staff to update the CRM system and less likely for them to forget to add new information. This saves time copying and pasting information from emails into the CRM system, reduces errors and improves workflow.

The CRM system will be more up-to-date and contain all correspondence relating to that account and contact. With all history and notes in one place it saves time looking through emails for the trail of correspondence.

Users can view all the data about a contact at a glance within their inbox – such as contact details, activities, history and opportunities. Any employee can then access these accounts enabling them to easily pick up the correspondence trail, history and required activity.

  • Update customer data quickly and easily
  • Save time
  • Improve workflow
  • Access customer data in your inbox
  • Improve quality of data
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