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Sage Intacct Partner of the Year Includes BPA Platform in 95% of Deals

Percipient uses BPA Platform for Sage Intacct accounting software integrations

Codeless Platforms today revealed that Percipient, a specialist provider of cloud-based business management, accounting and finance software, is including BPA Platform with 95% of its Sage Intacct accounting software projects to help integrate third-party systems with the cloud-based financial management solution. The Sage Intacct Partner of the Year for 2021 has subsequently signed a partnership deal with Codeless Platforms.

“We were keen to become an early adopter of Sage Intacct, especially when we saw the power we could get out of it, in particular the reporting capabilities. However, we needed to find a way of frequently importing data in an efficient way without relying on a team of developers. We had initially looked at using BPA Platform for our Oracle ERP Solutions, but it became very clear that, as it was agnostic, it had applications elsewhere too. It has really taken off with our Sage Intacct “Best of Breed” Solutions and has proven to be a game changer for these rapid rollout implementations,” explained Dan Clibbens, Operations Director, Percipient.

“We now sell BPA Platform with about 95% of our Sage Intacct deals. It’s just been a win-win for us. Our delivery team like using it, our salespeople understand what they are selling, and the customers are getting what they want quickly. Now when we’re discussing integration projects with a customer, we’ve got the confidence that we know we can deliver, which is extremely important for us.”

Percipient implements systems and solutions for customers ranging from general accounting systems through to accounting, distribution and manufacturing systems, with its core product offerings being Oracle, Sage X3 and Sage Intacct. These need to support data integration or take data feeds from other third-party systems, some of which Percipient may not have worked with in the past. With rapid implementation at the heart of its business, Percipient required an integration and business process automation platform that it could rely on to implement quickly.

“One of the biggest things that these systems must do now is connectivity. The customer doesn’t care how you do it, but they want it quickly. They don’t want to wait 50 days for developers to write code. They want plug and play, and BPA Platform helps us to achieve that. It allows us to do that more efficiently and it takes less risk. We can easily connect all these third-party systems, and Sage Intacct can be the centre of that data management,” said Dan Clibbens.

“The implementation lifecycle for a Sage Intacct project has completely changed. We’ve moved from a six-month project to a matter of weeks. Prior to BPA Platform, the development team would discuss the requirements, start building code and then carry out testing. It was a lengthy process, often quite expensive and introduced an element of risk, as they were starting from scratch. However, with BPA Platform, we now have a platform that we know we can rely on and potentially reuse elements. Then there are all the connectors for BPA Platform which enable us to easily connect to third-party systems without the headache of contacting the developers and writing something different each time.”

“Using BPA Platform with Sage Intacct was basically a proof of concept. We proved that it works and got the buy in from our tech team, so we are now using it for some Sage X3 projects. Our Head of Technology is very pleased with it, as is one of our senior Oracle experts who has been dealing with the headaches of integration throughout his career. He’s recently been on Codeless Platforms’ training programme and also says it is a great product. I don’t really see a limit to where it would fit regarding applications across our business. We are therefore having to train people on it as the demand for it is there.”

Widely regarded as specialists in the hospitality sector, Percipient offers a number of bolt-on or add on products, such as business intelligence (BI), property management (PMS), utilities solutions, as well as time and expenses.

“We have a very strong track record in delivering solutions in the hospitality space. This can include solutions such as integrating a front of house system for a hotel or restaurant with its financial system. We also have a utilities solution that can measure the usage of power within a business. If you imagine you’ve got all those rooms that you’ve got to heat and light, working out how much you spend on utilities is a big thing. Therefore, the ability to get that information into an accounting system in real time for analysis and reporting is revolutionary for a lot of our clients that use a lot of power and utilities. That solution was so successful that it was actually used by Sage Intacct at its last summit as a demonstration to its global customer base,” revealed Dan Clibbens.

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Sage Intacct Integration Brochure

Sage Intacct Integration Brochure

Learn how integrating Sage Intacct with on-premises or cloud-based business software removes the risk of costly errors and improves the visibility of critical data.

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