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Vehicle Asset Management Software

Are you using spreadsheets as your company car database? Is your business feeling restricted with its out-of-the-box fleet management software or are you paying over-the odds for functionality that you are not using? Customisable vehicle asset management software gives flexibility and improves the management of vehicle data, assets and driver information.

Applications Platforms’ Vehicle Asset Management Software can be deployed ‘as is’ or as a starting point to customise your own company car management software to your exact business requirements. Our drag and drop, point and click functionality provides a flexible, reconfigurable and customisable 100% fit asset management application.

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Vehicle Asset Management Software Overview

Why do you need company car management software?

Small business fleet management software improves the visibility and collaboration of company car information such as driver records, vehicle values, lease costs and service maintenance schedules. Common uses for a vehicle asset management application include:

  • Managing driver records e.g. Driving licence number, points accrued, insurance, named drivers etc.
  • Tracking and creating car maintenance schedules e.g. Servicing, MOT, Car Tax renewals
  • Monitoring fuel usage e.g. mileage claims, fuel allowance and costs
  • Manage car records e.g. make, model, year, mileage, colour, registration
  • Tracking and reporting on vehicle values and lease costs
  • Schedule safety checks and record accidents, car damage and breakdown recovery details

Applications Platforms’ Vehicle Asset Management Software modules include:

  • Driver information
  • Vehicle details e.g. Make and model, mileage etc.
  • Vehicle maintenance schedules and costs e.g. Servicing, MOT, Car Tax renewals
  • Fuel usage
  • Insurance details and documentation

Applications Platforms’ Vehicle Asset Management Software features include:

  • Built in data validation e.g. Driver record incomplete
  • Assign user roles and permissions in a secure environment
  • Define and customise workflow processes, statuses and actions e.g. Trigger notifications, approval authorisations
  • Report creation
  • Automated data backups
  • Easily implement workflow and business logic

What are the benefits of a custom built company car management software solution?

  • Improve records management and visibility of company car data
  • Safeguard against missing car maintenance schedules
  • Reduce running costs and administration tasks
  • Flexibility to build additional asset management solutions for different departments e.g. computers, laptops, mobile phones, chairs and desks
  • Pay for and use modules that are unique to your business
  • Access applications on Desktop, Tablet and mobile devices
  • Support future business expansion
  • Ability to integrate with other business systems and applications
Library Applications

Library Applications

Provides direct access to out of the box, ready to use, market proven applications, that can be used straightaway or as a starting point to develop your own customised application(s).

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