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Creditsafe Integration

Creditsafe Integration
creditsafe integration

Creditsafe Integration

Codeless Platforms' Creditsafe Integration provides organisations of any size with the ability to automate the flow of important information between Creditsafe and your accounting, ERP or CRM solution. As well as providing instant access to Creditsafe, automating your credit referencing process will ensure your business systems are up to date and will significantly reduce the probability of acquiring bad debt. You can also automate real-time alerts for any changes in circumstance.

The Creditsafe API integration solution provides you with the ability to understand the credit risk associated with each customer and makes it possible to automatically validate customer information and acquire credit scores and limits on over 365 million businesses across the globe helping you to provide finance teams with the most up-to-date information.

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Creditsafe Integration Solution Features, Functionality and Benefits

Default features and functionality in the Creditsafe integration solution include:

Codeless Platforms' Creditsafe integration can integrate with a wide range of business systems and applications including:

  • ERP systems: SAP Business One, Epicor, SYSPRO, Microsofy Dynamics, Sage 200, Sage 1000, Access Dimentions etc.
  • CRM systems: Salesforce, Sage CRM, Infor CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, SugarCRM etc.

The Creditsafe API integration can pull company information from Creditsafe and place it into your existing business systems, including information such as:

  • Company name
  • Registered address
  • Trading address
  • VAT number
  • Telephone number
  • TPS (Telephone preference service)
  • Previous Name / Date of Change
  • Type of Business
  • FTSE Index
  • Filing Date of Accounts
  • Currency
  • Share Capital
  • Charity Number
  • SIC Codes
  • Credit Limit and Score
  • Today’s Contract Limit

Premier Package

Unlock more features in Creditsafe and gather more in-depth information, such as key financials, CCJs, mortgage summaries, and trade debt/bad debt. Contact us for more information on our Creditsafe Premier Package.

Commercial benefits of integrating Creditsafe with your other business systems include:

  • Reduced exposure to credit risk
  • Eradicate repetitive administration associated with credit referencing and data validation
  • Enforce business rules and procedures
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Improved accuracy of business data
  • Improved decision making

"The data in Creditsafe is updated regularly, so BPA Platform has been deployed to perform an API call to Creditsafe, pull in the latest financial information and update GoldMine. Now we know that when our reps, or anyone else in the company, are looking in the system it contains the latest financial figures for that particular customer."

Director, Bison Machinery Ltd
Bison Machinery Ltd. uses BPA Platform to integrate Creditsafe, Access Dimensions, GoldMine, UPS and QuoteWerks
Creditsafe Integration Data Sheet

Creditsafe Integration Data Sheet

Codeless Platforms’ Creditsafe Integration provides organisations of any size with the ability to automate the flow of important information between Creditsafe and accounting, CRM or ERP systems.

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