Training exercises

The following training exercises will walk you through the simple steps to start building custom applications using Applications Platform. There is no hardware or software to buy or install as Applications Platform is easily accessed through your web browser and will help you to remove the complex and time-consuming tasks of managing your business software.

To support you through the training exercises, download the training manual and watch the supporting videos to complete each chapter.


Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise One

This exercise will explain how to start building an application using Applications Platform. The training session will cover creating Objects, Fields and adding Catalog records; creating an Inventory Account; creating Relationships and attaching records.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Two

This exercise will explain how to create Customers, Orders and Payments. The training session will cover adding objects and fields; updating record name templates and creating relationships for Customers and Orders.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Three

This exercise will explore working with the View functionality. The training session will cover editing views and creating dynamic row colours; using the View filter and creating new Views; as well as editing New Inventory Accounts and Catalog Item Page Designs.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Four

This exercise will explain how to continue adding additional date and formula fields whilst also creating field validation on any new or existing form fields.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Five

This exercise will explain how to create a Report, Chart and Gauge. The training session will also cover creating a dashboard tab and designing the dashboard page.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Six

This exercise will explain how to create user roles and how to edit role permissions.

Applications Platform Foundation: Exercise Seven

This exercise will explain how to create web portals and link to portal pages

Applications Platform: Exam Questions

As a prerequisite for Applications Platform training, you will need to complete the following test to assess your understanding of our platform.