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SMS Platform’s SMS API enables you to quickly and seamlessly build business SMS functionality into your applications and business systems. It is completely vendor, platform and language independent, enabling multiple methods of connection, whether you are programming in C#, C# Async, HTTP, Java, PHP, VB.NET or VB.NET Async.

It’s extremely easy to set up SMS functionality in your applications. Simply register online, download the DLL (wrapped) file, call the file, purchase credits and then start sending.

The tools and features included with SMS Platform will provide you with a first-class SMS service and a clear competitive edge.

The benefits of SMS Platform’s SMS API include:
  • Seamless integration
  • Quick configuration
  • Two-way SMS and virtual numbers
  • Worldwide reach
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Flash SMS
  • Short delivery times
  • SMS reporting
  • Full support
  • Guaranteed service levels
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