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VetMetrix veterinary application

VetMetrix Veterinary Application Overview

VetMetrix veterinary application provides you with easy-to-use veterinary practice management software to streamline the day-to-day management of your veterinary practice. It provides you with a digital platform to improve the management of pets’ and owners’ files, as well as the ability to organise your calendar with appointments, meetings and much more.

Built specifically for veterinary practices, VetMetrix offers a secure, cloud-based application that can be used on a desktop, tablet or smartphone so you can quickly and easily access and update data from wherever you are.

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VetMetrix Veterinary Application Features and Benefits

VetMetrix was designed in collaboration with experts in your field to deliver a comprehensive solution. If you are looking for a flexible and secure application to manage your veterinary practice, then VetMetrix is designed for you.

Standard features of VetMetrix veterinary application include:

  • Manage a pet’s file: Medical history, vaccines, treatments, surgeries, tests etc.
  • Manage a pet owner's information: Name, address, telephone number etc.
  • Calendar: Appointments, meetings, reminders, to-dos etc.
  • Easily communicate with owners via email and SMS
  • Generate reports, tables, charts and statistics
  • Communicate through secure channels and encrypt data
  • Can be used by one user or a group of users with different roles and rights of access

Benefits of VetMetrix Veterinary Application

  • Always available – hosted in cloud servers so you can access data 24/7
  • Worldwide access – access to your application wherever you are
  • No extra hardware – all you need is an internet connection
  • Designed to be thorough and simple to use
  • Easy to modify to meet your exact needs
  • Mass data input and connection to external databases
  • Easy to add colleagues and give access upon your needs
  • Search and tag with multiple criteria
  • Support includes updates and upgrades of the application with new features and elements
  • Option to integrate VetMetrix with your website, accounting or CRM systems via BPA Platform
VetMetrix data sheet

VetMetrix data sheet

Integrate this flexible and powerful veterinarian application with your website, accounting or CRM systems

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