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BPA Platform Tool Overview: Shopify Connector Tool

Shopify Connector Tool Overview

The Shopify Connector tool allows communication between BPA Platform and Shopify. All communication uses XML. You use the Integration tool to map BPA Platform data to Shopify objects and operations. Operations such as, ADD, UPDATE, GET, and DELETE, are supported for a variety of business objects, such as, Product, Customer, and Order.

Shopify Connector Tool

Using the Shopify Connector tool and the Shopify API, BPA Platform can be used to interact with your Shopify store. Common interactions would involve the download of sales orders and the upload of inventory and price changes.

The Shopify integration tool is a dedicated connector that allows bidirectional transfer between Shopify and your business systems. It exposes Modules and objects in Shopify, allowing you to easily map data from your web shop to other business systems using drag and drop tools.

For example, as part a BPA Platform integration solution you can automate orders, synchronise stock levels and products between your web store and ERP system reducing costs and improving order fulfilment times by integrating Shopify with your courier service.

The tool has two elements. The global configuration & the integration tool.

Slide Title: Shopify Global Connection Tool

The Shopify global Connection tool allows you to connect to your webstore using your domain and REST API. Authentication is via your Shopify API Key and password using SSL and here you can test your connection credentials.

The options Tab allows you to select the Module you wish to connect to, ranging from Customers, events, orders and products. Each module exposes related objects, which we will look at shortly.

Individual instances of the tool allow you connect to different Shopify webstores and modules.

Slide Title: Shopify Integration Tool

On the Shopify Integration Tool General Tab, you can outline the Name and a brief description. The data source allows you to use variables in place of the XML objects fields and refer the source from another step in your process.

The connection tab relates the Tool instance to the Global Connection we defined earlier.

The mapping tool allows you to map data from Shopify to your business system. You can choose the Object, and its related Operation’s shown here.

The Shopify connector tool forms part of your automated business process that can include error handling for every call made to the Shopify service. This allows resilience and failover processes to be created as part of the integration solution.

And that’s it for this BPA Platform tool overview video, call us for further information or visit Codeless Thanks for watching.

For more information on how our Shopify Connector Tool for Shopify integration with your ERP system, download the whitepaper below or call us on +44 (0) 330 99 88 700.

White Paper - Shopify Integration Tool

White Paper - Shopify Integration Tool

The Shopify Integration Technical Overview introduces you to the tool. Installed as an add-on to BPA Platform, this tool provides direct communication between BPA Platform and a Shopify webshop.

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