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Codeless Platforms

Customer Quotes

The flexibility of BPA Platform is remarkable. The things that you can do with it are out of this world. It never ceases to amaze me. It’s an incredibly efficient and powerful tool. I always equate BPA Platform to being a staff member that never sleeps. It’s like an incredibly efficient person, or team of people, checking data, that never stops.

Malcolm MacLean,

Global Head of IT, Graff Diamonds

BPA Platform is something I wish I discovered ten years ago. It is now an integral part of our ecosystem. It is being used not just as part of the overall solution, but also as part of our overall design thought.

David Kelly,

Head of ERP Applications, Taoglas

The thing we like about BPA Platform is its flexibility and ease of use. You don’t have to be too technical in order to use the tool. If you want to do business process automation I think BPA Platform is the best tool to use.

Mansoor Ahmad,

IT Consultant, Slendertone

You can automate or integrate practically anything with BPA Platform, but having the ability to start small is its strength. The entry point for purchasing BPA Platform encourages this and de-risks the initial investment for any sized organisation.

Matthias Ernst,

Head of IT, LUTZE Inc.

BPA Platform is just an extremely versatile product that helps us solve a wide-range of issues. It’s a tool that we have been using for a long time now and one that we are familiar with. BPA Platform just comes along and manages to fix everything and save the day. It’s a bit like your Swiss Army knife. We are always finding ways for BPA Platform to make life easier for us.

Steven Oakley,

Business Systems Manager, Viadex

The big advantage of BPA Platform is that it is much more visual. It’s like a mind map. It tells you the process, how it should happen and when it should happen. I think BPA Platform provides you with a greater understanding of the business and how everything’s operating and running.

Wenjun Chen,

Commercial Director, Fashion Edge

The flexibility of the solution really highlighted the power of BPA Platform. The solution gives us the scope to continue to improve our business processes. We are already discussing the different ways we can further utilise BPA Platform in the future.

Vim Juneja,

Global Head of IT, French Connection

The scope of the tools available with BPA Platform are really beneficial. I am both constantly surprised and pleased by the adaptability of BPA Platform. I can’t think of any occasions where I’ve looked at something we might want to do with BPA Platform and it’s not been possible.

Steve Owen,

Supporter Relations & Data Officer, Victim Support

BPA Platform changes the way that we work across the business as a whole. It takes pressure off the IT team, puts more information into the business and improves staff processes. There are so many things you can do with the BPA Platform. I’m surprised that we managed without it for so long.

Elaine Lewty,

ICT Manager, Partick Housing Association

All this data from the various systems, which previously would have to be manually transferred, is now being pulled automatically, on schedule or on demand, via BPA Platform. It’s allowing for a lot more efficiency and time saving because data is flowing backwards and forwards. It’s a massive time saver. I can sit back and relax and let BPA Platform get on with it.

Lee Hughes,

Head of Business Systems, IQGeo