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Codeless Case Study

HBK CPAs & Consultants

Automating reports and notifications within Star Practice Management

HBK (Hill, Barth & King), is a US-based multidisciplinary financial services firm, specialising in a wide variety of tax, accounting, assurance and business consulting services. It has benefitted from exceptional ROI, most notably to workload and resources, by using BPA Platform to automate the publication of its production reports to its internal system’s dashboard, as well as automate the generation and distribution of expenses, timesheets and welcome notifications.

Primary Applications Used: Star Practice Management

The Challenge

  • Automate monthly production reports
  • Automate timesheet and welcome notifications
  • Automate expense submission notifications
  • Data checking for new clients

To read how HBK overcame its challenges, please download the case study.

“BPA Platform was very simple to start using. I can write code, but if I didn’t know something I was, and still am, able to drag and drop. I love that aspect of it. Automating the production reports has probably saved me at least two days’ worth of work per month. The time that BPA Platform has saved us has been tremendous.”

Ashlea Pollock, Associate, HBK

Case Study: HBK CPAs & Consultants

Case Study: HBK CPAs & Consultants

Financial services firm benefits from exceptional ROI, workload and resources, by using BPA Platform to automate the publication of its production reports.

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