The Workflow Job TriggerClosedThe Workflow Job Trigger tool triggers a task to run when responses from Workflow Jobs match criteria specified in one or a number of filters. step triggers a task to be run when data received from a submitted Workflow Job web form matches filter criteria specified in the step.

In addition, global variablesClosedVariables are created and used extensively throughout and can either have fixed values or values that are dynamically populated when a task is run. Global variables are available for all tasks in this BPA Platform installation. Once created, global variables can be used by any task. created for the task can be mapped to web form fields so that their values may be used in other steps.

Prerequisites — Workflow Job Trigger Agent

Before adding a Workflow Job Trigger task step, ensure you have installed the Workflow Job Trigger Agent:

  1. The Workflow Job Trigger Agent must be installed on the BPA Platform server — see How to Install BPA Platform.
  2. The ConfiguratorClosedYou use the Configurator to install third-party software that may be required by available tools. Connection to required agents are also configured here. Note that you can only launch the Configurator if logged into the machine with Administrator rights. is launched when the installation is complete. From the navigation pane, expand Event Agents > Workflow Job Trigger Agent > Prerequisites.
  3. Ensure all prerequisites have been met.
  4. Go to Event Agents > Workflow Job Trigger Agent > Registration Settings.
  5. Register the Agent to the BPA Platform server.
  6. Click Save.

Adding a New Task Step

To add a new Workflow Job Trigger step to an existing task, do the following:

  1. Open the relevant task (if creating a new task, see How to Create a Basic Task).
  2. Either:
Click and drag the Workflow Job Trigger icon from the Task Browser to the task Design area.
From the task's Design tab, right-click on empty space and select New > Event > Workflow Job Trigger.
  1. Enter a Name and Description for the Step.
  2. Select the Main tab.
  3. Select a Web server from the drop-down list. Then select a Workflow Job from the drop-down list.
  4. Click on the Add button under the Filter table to open the Filter Properties interface.
  5. Add a suitable filter.
  6. Click OK to close the interface. The new filter is added to the list.
  7. Add any other filters required and then select either the Any of the above or All of the above options as applicable.
  8. In the Mapping table, map variables to fields by dragging and dropping them from the Task Browser interface.
  9. Click OK to save the new Workflow Job Trigger step.