What is Maintenance?

Maintenance optimises the BPA Platform store for optimum performance:

Event Log Purge — Purges Event Log entries according to the Event Log options
Record De-fragmentation — Purges deleted records from the store
Binary De-fragmentation — Purges unused binary space
Re-indexing — Recreates all indexes to ensure index integrity
Integrity Check — Checks all entity relationships and other database rules

Note: During a maintenance run, BPA Platform clients can still remain connected but are prevented from performing most operations by the server. New client connections, however, cannot be established during this time.

Running Maintenance on a SQL Server Store

SQL Server store maintenance performs the optimisation routines mentioned above apart from record de-fragmentation which is required for SQL Server databases.

If your BPA Platform installation makes use of an SQL Server store (see Adding or Changing the BPA Platform Store) maintenance is performed outside of BPA Platform; instead you perform this directly on the store's database. For a detailed description of how to do this, refer to your SQL Server documentation or get your database administrator to perform the maintenance.

Running Maintenance on an Internal Store

When maintenance activities are started for the first time, two folders are created — Backup and Maint — as sub-folders of the C:\iwdb folder (or whichever custom folder you have selected to hold the internal store) and the current data files copied into each of the folders. Maintenance activities are then carried out on the files in the Maint folder and, on successful completion, are copied back to iwdb folder overwriting the originals.

The files in the Backup folder are not overwritten. It is recommended that a daily maintenance schedule be set to back up this folder

In the unlikely event that the maintenance process detects any anomalies, errors or warnings are written to the Event Log and subsequent notifications generated according to the Notifications options.

Typically, maintenance is run based on a schedule you define in the Run Times and Maintenance tab of the BPA Platform global options interface. However, BPA Platform users with System or Server Administrator privileges can initiate a maintenance run by going to Manage > Maintenance in the Classic BPA Platform client.