Before adding a Run Microsoft Word (Merge)ClosedThe Run Microsoft Word (Merge) tool is used to create a task step that creates single or multiple documents in common Microsoft Word formats containing mail-merged data. task step, ensure you have met the following:

Microsoft Word Installation and Product Activation

A valid installation of Microsoft Word must be installed and registered on the BPA Platform client computer(s) that you intend to run Run Microsoft Word (Merge) tasks from.

Use the ConfiguratorClosedYou use the Configurator to install third-party software that may be required by available tools. Connection to required agents are also configured here. Note that you can only launch the Configurator if logged into the machine with Administrator rights. to ensure BPA Platform can detect the registered component.

Adding a Task Step

To add a new Run Microsoft Word (Merge) step to an existing task, do the following:

  1. Open the relevant task (if creating a new task, see How to Create a Basic Task).
  2. Either:
Click and drag the Run Microsoft Word (Merge) icon from the Task Browser to the task Design area.
From the task's Design tab, right-click on empty space and select New > Format > Run Microsoft Word (Merge).
  1. In the General tab, Name your task step and, if required, choose the data input source for the merge document.
  2. Go to the Main tab and configure the merge document template.
  3. (Optional) Go to the Document Properties tab and change the properties of the outputted Word document. All standard properties are available.
  4. (Optional) Go to the Advanced tab and enter the SQL statement to customise the data inputs for the merge document.
  5. Go to the Options tab and select the relevant error handling options for this task step.

  6. Click  to save the task step.