Sales management tools to streamline your sales process

Are you looking to streamline your sales process to improve lead management and increase the visibility of sales KPIs and pipeline reports? Or are you looking to remove the repetitive manual data entry from everyday tasks through cost effective sales management tools?

Codeless Platforms’ sales management tools help you to free up employee time by removing the repetitive administration tasks such as placing sales lead details from your website into your CRM system, automating sales reports or automatically notifying them if their customer has been placed on credit hold in your accounting system.

Common processes that we have helped sales departments with:
  • CRM integration connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, Agile CRM, Sage CRM and many more.
  • Notification of sales enquiries via websites, social media etc that require a follow up
  • Summaries of recent orders or goods dispatched sent to sales managers
  • Microsoft Exchange integration with your CRM application
  • Automatically creating and distributing sales KPI and pipeline reports
  • Integrating QuoteWerks with accounting and CRM software to synchronise key data such as quotes, orders, products and purchase orders
  • Automatic notification of customer account placed on credit hold within an accounting system
  • Automatically assigning sales enquiries to relevant sales representative
  • Automating your credit referencing process with CreditSafe before engaging with new customers
  • Automating price change notifications and new supplier price lists to the sales team
  • Automated follow up of sales opportunities that have not been chased for ‘x’ period
  • 100% fit cloud-based CRM system with a Microsoft Outlook Plugin
  • Automating the process of having quotes, proposals or discounts authorised by managers
  • Automatically generate an email chasing sales people who have not submitted activity reports or other documents
  • Alerting sales people when their activity levels fall below pre-set thresholds
  • Integrating your CRM system with Companies House for up-to-date company records and key contacts
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Sales Department Case Studies

Codeless Platforms’ software solutions are tried and tested. Don’t just take our word for it though. Discover what other sales teams had to say about us, and find out how we helped them improve access to information, eliminate repetitive admin processes and improve efficiency.

Integrations & Solutions for Sales Departments

We provide integration and automation solutions for a wide-range of software, exploiting their APIs to deliver seamless connectivity and data management via a simple, drag and drop interface.

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