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Short Message Service Platform

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Improve your business communication with SMS

SMS Platform enables you to integrate SMS functionality into your business systems and automate the sending and receiving of text messages. Benefit from asynchronous code, two-factor authentication, Flash SMS, virtual numbers and short codes.

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Powerful SMS features and service

Worldwide Reach

A global network enables you to connect directly to over 7 billion people, across 195 countries, via 1600 direct-to-carrier and Tier 1 connections.

Enhanced Security

Add a second layer of security for remote access or login procedures via 2FA. A one-time password or SMS token can be easily sent to mobiles via Flash SMS.

Two-way SMS & Virtual Numbers

Benefit from inbound numbers to allow customers, partners and staff to reply to messages, thus improving communication and engagement.

Free Trial

Try it out with a free SMS account and up to 100 free credits. There are no expiry dates on text messages purchased.


Quickly and seamlessly build business SMS functionality into your applications and business systems.

Quick configuration

Add interactive communication via SMS to your apps, on-premises solutions or websites via a single API.

Developer friendly

Designed to be simple and easy to use with sample code provided for C#, C# Async, cURL, HTTP, Java, VB.NET, VB.NET Async APIs.

Advanced programming

.NET API available for both.NET Framework and .NET Core. It also supports asynchronous calls for optimised threading.
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SMS Automation

SMS Automation

Automate and schedule text messages directly from your business software, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Seamless integration

Integrate with a wide range of applications and systems including CRM, ERP, marketing and warehouse management systems.

Logical automation

Monitor business systems, following your business rules / logic, and automate the distribution of text messages when certain triggers are initiated.

Inbound control

Benefit from queue messaging and a retrieve text message tool to automatically manage inbound SMS and delivery receipts.
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SMS Online for Business

SMS Online for Business

Easy-to-use, low-cost SMS service to send and receive text messages via any web browser – from single texts to bulk SMS.

Quick set up

There are no setup charges for using SMS Online. Simply sign-up and you will be immediately issued with an account and a password to start sending messages.

Account management

Manage your messages, contacts and quickly view your message balance. You can also schedule messages to be sent at a later date or time to fit your schedule.

SMS reporting

Messages can be easily monitored and recorded, with the dashboard providing access to the number of messages sent, failed / successful attempts, a traffic overview and a message log.
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Email to SMS Gateway

Email to SMS Gateway

Send and receive text messages directly from your inbox – whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Mail, Thunderbird, Yahoo…


No additional software is required to use this quick and easy service. Once set up, it’s as simple as sending and receiving emails.

Automatically configured

All email signatures will be automatically removed from the text message and long subject lines will be reduced for SMS purposes.

Full account management

Messages are managed via the SMS Platform web portal. Through this interactive website, all aspects of an account can be configured.
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