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Shopify Showcases 100+ Updates in its Shopify Winter ’24 Edition

B2B sales, GraphQL APIs, AI and retail functionality receive major updates in Shopify Winter ’24 Edition

Shopify recently announced the release of its latest version of Shopify Editions, in which it has catalogued everything it has developed and shipped in the past six months. The Shopify Winter ’24 Edition showcases more than 100 platform updates, all designed to help businesses succeed. Shopify proclaims that some of its latest upgrades will be especially useful for large-scale businesses.

One key area that it has identified is the potential rise of business-to-business (B2B) sales. Shopify believes that B2B sales are going to be the biggest commerce opportunity of 2024 and, as a result, has built in new features directly into Shopify’s core, including B2B discounts, sales rep permissions and headless support for B2B storefronts.

  • Sales Rep Permissions: allows sales teams to place orders and access information for their assigned accounts with custom permission levels.
  • B2B discounts: create promotional discounts that offer B2B customers additional savings on top of wholesale prices, using third-party and custom apps powered by Shopify Functions.
  • Headless support for B2B: build unique experiences using preferred tech stack with headless B2B storefronts. Enable B2B checkouts, and access personalised products and prices using the Storefront API, Customer Accounts API, and developer tools.

Talking of APIs, Shopify also revealed that its new GraphQL APIs can increase Shopify’s variant limit from 100 to 2,000 per product. This aims to help merchandisers with complex product catalogues and lots of colourways, sizing and SKU options. Merchandisers will also benefit from combined listings and better product classification.

Shopify has also added 14 new APIs and updates to Shopify Checkout, plus more than 90 new apps that unlock powerful features like upsells, loyalty programs, post-purchase surveys, conversion tracking, and custom content. The checkout experience has also been streamlined from three pages to one, reducing buyer completion time by 4 seconds on average.

Unsurprisingly, Shopify has also invested heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) during the past six months. Via Shopify Magic, its suite of free AI-enabled features, Shopify has built AI into the foundations of its platform and its products “to help keep businesses on the cutting edge.”

Shopify users can now create, edit and enhance images from simple text prompts with a new AI-powered tool right from the admin’s media editor. Semantic search has also been introduced to storefronts which can automatically interpret the context behind customers’ queries and return relevant results. This gives customers the freedom to search in everyday natural language to find the products they’re looking for faster.

Shopify has also made major improvements to its retail functionality. For example, Shopify merchants will soon be able to select a retail store as the fulfilment location for an order so staff can pick, pack, and ship that order right from a shop.

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Shopify Plus Integration Brochure

Shopify Plus Integration Brochure

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