Not-For-Profit Organisations To Slash Administration Burden Through BPA Technology

Partnership bewteen Orbis Software and Fisher Technology will help not-for-profit organisations automate admin activities

Charitable organisations understand that every penny donated can literally change somebody’s life and, as a result, they are always looking for new ways to reduce costs by streamlining bureaucracy and operations. To support this drive for greater efficiency, Orbis Software has awarded the UK’s leading not-for-profit solution provider, Fisher Technology Plc, with Premier Partner status.

Fisher Technology Plc sees the powerful automation capabilities of Orbis Software’s TaskCentre as an exciting opportunity for the not-for-profit sector as a whole.

“Our solutions are at the forefront of not-for-profit technology, but the opportunity to physically automate the activities of administration employees is going to have a huge impact on the industry as a whole,” said Russell Franks, Chief Executive Officer, Fisher Technology. “TaskCentre’s intelligent ability to send real-time, exception-based information to key decision makers will also make a substantial difference to the productivity of these organisations.”

With TaskCentre’s ability to connect to multiple SQL based applications, Fisher Technology Plc can also see the benefits of greater connectivity.

“Our iMIS solution addresses all the needs of the not-for-profit organisation, but often decision makers need information from multiple applications, which, of course, leads to high levels of administration,” said Franks. “TaskCentre eradicates this and ensures the people receive distinct information from multiple systems in real-time.”

“Not-for-profit organisations are under high scrutiny to optimise efficiency. Their causes are for the social wellbeing of society and therefore they expect enterprise technology that delivers a highly visible and immediate return on investment,” said Philip Smith, Managing Director, Orbis Software. “With the reputation and expertise of Fisher Technology Plc we expect a rapid uptake of this technology.”

About Fisher Technology

Fisher Technology is a leading solution provider to the not-for-profit sector and was recently awarded the International Solution Partner of the Year by the authors of iMIS, Advanced Solutions International.

About Codeless Platforms

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