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Resident View

Resident View

Resident View - Care Home Application Overview

Codeless Platforms’ Resident View care home application provides you with a cloud-based, secure care home management solution to improve care and facilities management processes by streamlining essential residential care administration tasks and removing the complexity from facility management records activities.

Resident View was developed in collaboration with those who understand the real day-to-day workings of a residential care home and the challenges carer assistants, nurses and managers face. If delivering better quality care to your residents whilst increasing the efficiency of your care home is a priority, then Resident View is designed with you in mind.

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Resident View Care Home Software Features and Benefits

Resident View provides you with the functionality you need to improve the management and reporting on workloads, as well as provide you with instant access to critical information for residential care and facilities, quickly and easily through a dashboard.

Standard features of the Resident View care home software include:

  • Residential Care: Admission, assessments, progress notes, daily reports, restraint, nursing care plan, observations, doctor’s clinical record, medication, communications, dietary profile, social history, incident/accident record, infection record, files on admission, family communication, offsite history, discharge/deceased/transfer
  • Workload management: Mobile application, work queue, workload templates
  • Facilities management: Employee management, shift management, maintenance, hazards, security checks, cleaning, hot water checks, document management, quality risk assessment
  • Dashboard management: Access the critical information that is important to your operation

Benefits of Resident View

  • Streamline residential care and administration
  • Centralise the management and reporting on workloads
  • Remove the complexity from facility management records and activities
  • Simplify employee work schedules
  • Provide instant access to critical information via a dashboard
  • Enforce best practice and legal requirements
Resident View data sheet

Resident View data sheet

Cost-effective, cloud-based and secure care home software to improve residential care and facilities management processes and simplify employee work schedules.

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