SAP Business One Integration Tool Pack v. SAP Business One Version

Summary This following article shows which SAP Business One version is supported by which SAP Business One Integration Tool Pack. Note: The versions described here are taken from the SAP Business One Integration Tool Pack Release Notes, and are correct at the time of…

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Import Flat File tool – Locks a file for the duration of a task run preventing it from being moved by the File Management Tool.

Symptom When importing a file using the Import Flat File tool and attempting to move it using the File Management tool, an error message is received advising the file is in use. An example of an error message would be: The specified file [FILE…

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BPA Platform 2018 System Requirements

Introduction This article details the minimum hardware and software requirements to run BPA Platform and any relevant tools. Note that the BPA Platform Configurator also prompts for any prerequisite specifications for a feature or tool before installing. BPA Platform Server The following operating systems…

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Salesforce Connector tool – Error validating source XML against schema

Symptom When validating source XML against the schema, the following error message is received: The element ‘ELEMENT_NAME’ has invalid child element ‘ELEMENT_NAME’ Cause This error occurs after a user defined field (UDF) is created in Salesforce, this change is published to the [permalink id=”2197″…

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How to Install a Remote SAP Business One Event Agent (v3.0)

Introduction The SAP Business One Integration Tool Pack provides communication between SAP Business One and BPA Platform. It consists of: SAP Business One Integration Agent SAP Business One Integration Tool SAP Business One Event Agent (optional) SAP Business One Event Tool For a detailed…

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Sage 300 Connector Tool — OrderUniquifier Generating Errors

Summary You have created a task where the OrderUniquifier object should be auto-generated for Add operations. It is not, and the value seems to be truncated. You are also seeing an error similar to: Exception occurred during processing of GetByKey Sage 300 object (OEORD):…

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How to add a Purchase Delivery Note Through the SAP Business One Connector

The following is assumed: You have the SAP Business One Integeration tool pack installed in TaskCentre, and connected to the SAP Business One server To add a Purchase Delivery Note through the SAP Business One Connector, do the following: Open the SAP Business One…

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Configuring the SMTP Virtual Server for the Email Trigger (SMTP) Agent

Introduction In order for the Email Trigger (SMTP) Agent to receive incoming emails, the SMTP Virtual Server (available as part of IIS version 6.0) must be installed. Unfortunately, later versions of IIS (from Windows Server 2008 onwards) do not have SMTP functionality as standard.…

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Connecting Applications Platform to an On-Premise Database

Overview Typically, you use Applications Platform to host data, as well as services, in the cloud. From time-to-time, it may be necessary to connect Applications Platform to an on premises database. To facilitate this, Applications Platform provides Tunnelling Servers, which act as a “go-between”…

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Installing and Configuring the Salesforce Event Agent

Overview The Salesforce Event Agent receives workflow events from your Salesforce instance. These are stored in a database for later retrieval and processing by a TaskCentre task step. It runs as a passive webservice on the server. The Event Agent is available as part…

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