TaskCentre v4.7 System Requirements

Server The following indicates the supported operating systems and the minimum service pack required. Microsoft Windows 2008 Server 32 bit / 64 bit Microsoft Windows 2008 Server R2 Microsoft Windows 2012 Server Microsoft Windows 2012 Server R2 Microsoft Windows 2016 Server 64-bit TaskCentre Server…

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Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool – Find operation examples

Introduction This article will give a variety of Find operation examples which can be adapted to specific business process requirements.  Functionality implemented in version 4.3 of the Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool will be used here. The Find operation works identically across all the supported…

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Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool – Retrieving attachments in calendar items

Introduction This article will show how to use the new functionality provided in version 4.3 of the Microsoft Exchange Connector Tool to retrieve attachments contained in a calendar item. Exchange 2013 and 2016 will be contrasted and calendar items in both local and public…

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Sage 200 Connector: Error – The type initializer for ‘Sage.Accounting.Application’ threw an exception

Symptom At runtime the task fails with the following error shown in the event log: The type initializer for ‘Sage.Accounting.Application’ threw an exception Enable Use Extended Logging within the Sage 200 Connector tool global settings: With extended logging now on, run the failed task…

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SAP Business One Integration Tool – Troubleshooting Guide

GLOBAL CONFIGURATION ERRORS Creating a connection fails with error: An error has occurred while processing connection ‘CONNECTION_NAME’: Failed to Connect to DIAPI Server: SAP B1 Error Response – OBServerDLL.dll version is older than the DI API version (Error Code: -8003) Cause 1: This error…

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Tasks with Merge MS Word Document steps are failing to run – Error – “Word cannot initialise”

Symptom An automated task containing a Merge MS Word Document step is failing to run at the scheduled runtime. However, if the task is run manually then it executes as normal. The following error may appear in the TaskCentre event log: Word cannot initialise…

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KB35708 – Error after upgrade to TaskCentre 4.7: ‘Failed to create Trigger…parameter or variable has invalid data type…cannot find data type’

Symptom Following an upgrade to TaskCentre v4.7, event log entries for the MS SQL Server Trigger agent appear with a message similar to the following: Failed to create Trigger exttrigger3 on WIN-DEMO\MSSQLSERVER-DemoDatabase:dboDemoTable. Parameter or variable ‘@insDemoColumn’ has an invalid data type. Column, parameter, or…

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KB35373 – Error after upgrade to TaskCentre 4.7: ‘Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID…time zone ID was not found on the local computer’

Symptom Following an upgrade to TaskCentre v4.7 multiple entries are generated in the TaskCentre Event Log similar to the following: Cannot upgrade/resave the schedule entry SID: [nnn], Error: The time zone ID [any time zone] was not found on the local computer *Where [nnn]…

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TaskCentre SAP Integration Tool – Instructions and conversion process from old SAP connector tool

The purpose of this knowledge base article is to apprise the reader of the topics listed below. How to download and install the new SAP Integration tool pack All versions of the SAP Integration tool pack can be found in the partner area of…

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TaskCentre Licensing Troubleshooting Guide

Introduction This article aims to assist with scenarios affecting the running of TaskCentre from a licensing perspective. It is worth noting the following: TaskCentre Editions – TaskCentre is usually supplied in standard form which can be identified by the ‘TaskCentre’ logos appearing upon install, login and within the main interface. TaskCentre…

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