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The TaskCentre event log has to be deleted frequently due to reaching high capacity

SymptomThe TaskCentre event log increases in size very quickly and has to be deleted frequently. Cause One or a number of tool packs installed have extended logging turned on.When this mode is set, it records the inbound and outbound data to the TaskCentre event log, causing…

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Load Failure: The code expected does not match the one contained in the launcher

 Symptom When you launch the TaskCentre client it fails and the following error is produced: Load Failure: The code expected does not match the one contained in the launcher Cause This error can occur when an OEM uninstall did not remove all of the…

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Error Message: Unable to establish a connection to the Server. Please check the connection details and Server availability

Symptom When you attempt to login to the TaskCentre client you receive the following error message: Unable to establish a connection to the Server. Please check the connection details and Server availability. Cause Multiple causes; the two most common being: The TaskCentre server service…

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Unable to open the TaskCentre configurator on the client machine: Error “Cannot retrieve the product key”

Symptom Once the TaskCentre client has been installed onto a workstation, you are unable to open the configurator to complete any required configuration settings. The following error is displayed: An error has occurred while processing:Initialization Error details: Cannot retrieve the product key Note: This…

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Cannot login to TaskCentre. Error: Module cannot be loaded 0x80090005

Symptom When logging on with the TaskCentre client the following error occurs: Module cannot be loaded 0x80090005 Cause The fault occurs when the registry entries that cache the user’s password , ID1 and ID2 in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Orbis Software\TaskCentre, become corrupt and cannot be decrypted. Resolution Rename the…

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Missing Task Browser Window: Unable to access Task data

Symptom From within task design the floating ‘task browser’ window has disappeared resulting in no access to the task data. Cause The most likely cause would be a change of desktop resolution. Solution Delete the following registry key to reset the state of the…

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Unable to access internal repository – None administrator users cause ‘Error opening repository in Memory definition’ errors

Symptom A user other than the administrator is unable to access a task containing an internal repository. The following error is returned: Task cannot be opened because you do not have permissions to access one or more of the Repositories used Cause The user…

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TaskCentre client exhibits delayed response times

Symptom When you browse tools under the System node you may experience delayed response times. You may also experience delayed task initialisation. Cause The problem is confined to machines where no internet connection is available, and is caused by certificate revocation checking of digitally…

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Run External Program step fails at task runtime with error 0x80070522 “A required privelage is not held by the client”

Symptom When a task that uses impersonation contains a Run External Program step that runs a batch file it may fail at runtime with the following error: 0x80070522 “A required privilege is not held by the client” Cause Occurs where the impersonating account does…

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