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How to Get the Credentials Required for the Amazon Marketplace Connector Tool


This article describes how to get the tokens and credentials required to establish a connection between the Amazon Marketplace Connector and your Amazon web store.

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Step 1: Getting the Merchant Token

The Amazon merchant token is the unique identifier of your Amazon web store.

  1. Go to and log into your Amazon account.
  2. Go to Settings > Account Info.
  3. From the Business Information pane, click Your Merchant Token.
  4. Make a note of the Merchant Token. If you are familiar with Amazon’s previous method of connecting to the Amazon Marketplace Connector, this replaces the then separate Merchant ID and Token.

Step 2: Getting the AWS Access Key

Amazon AWS access keys allow BPA Platform to execute operations in your Amazon web store. A developer account is required to access the key.

  1. If you have logged out of, log back in.
  2. Go to Settings > User Permissions.
  3. From the Amazon MWS Developer Access Keys pane, click Visit Developer Credentials.

    Your MWS developer ID is displayed.

  4. From MWS credentials, click View.
  5. Make a note of the AWS Access Key ID and Client Secret.
  6. At this point, you can log out of if required.

Step 3: (Optional) Testing the Credentials

Amazon have provided a “scratch pad” area for you to test your new credentials using their API.

  1. Go to
  2. Change API Section to be Feeds.
  3. From Operation, choose GetFeedSubmissionList.
  4. Enter the following:
    • SellerIdMerchant Token
    • MWSAuthTokenMerchant Token
    • AWSAccessKeyIdAWS Access Key ID
    • Secret KeySecret Key
  5. Click Submit.

    Response should be populated with something similar to:

Amazon Marketplace Connector - Scratchpad - Response

Step 4: Connecting the Amazon Marketplace Connector Tool to Your Amazon Web Store

The following procedure assumes you have downloaded and installed the Amazon Marketplace Connector from our Partner Area — note that a Codeless Platforms account is required to access this page.

  1. Log into the BPA Platform client.
  2. Launch the Amazon Marketplace Connector’s global configuration — from the resources tree on the left, go to Tools > Data Connectors > Amazon Marketplace Connector. Note that older installations may see Tools > Specialist (3rd Party) Tools > Amazon Marketplace Connector.
  3. Click Add.

    Amazon Marketplace Connector — Global Configuration

  4. Configure the following:
    • Connection Name — Enter a unique, meaningful connection name
    • Merchant ID — Enter the Amazon merchant token from step 1
    • Merchant Token — Re-enter the same merchant token
    • AWS Access Key ID — Enter the AWS access key from step 2
    • Secret Key — Enter the secret key, also from step 2
    • Country — Choose either United States or United Kingdom (European customers must select United Kingdom
  5. Click Test Connection to ensure a working connection.
  6. Click OK to save your settings.
  7. Article originally published 03 December 2015 — Article updated 02 October 2019
White Paper - Amazon Marketplace Connector Tool v1.5

White Paper - Amazon Marketplace Connector Tool v1.5

The Amazon Marketplace Connector tool enables connectivity between your sales outlet in the Amazon Marketplace and TaskCentre. This in turn enables integration between Amazon Marketplace and other systems that you use to process orders via TaskCentre. The Amazon Marketplace Connector white paper describes how to use the tool.