Setting up an OLE DB call stored procedure that connects to a 32bit ODBC system DSN

This knowledge base will show how to create an ODBC system DSN for use by an OLEDB call stored procedure. This will allow to call store procedures where an ODBC driver is available.

Note: This example uses ‘MySQL’ but any ODBC driver can be used.

Creating a new system DSN

  1. Load 32bit ODBC Data Source Administrator.ODBC 1
  2. Select the System DSN tab and select Add.Capture1
  3. From the list select an ODBC driver and select Finish.ODBC 2
  4. Define a unique name and provide the server and port combination for the data source. Provide the login credentials for the connection.
    ODBC 3

    Note: The connection parameter box may appear different depending on what ODBC driver has been selected.
  5. If the option is available select a database to connect to from the drop down list. Finally select Test.Capture2
  6. Select OK to complete. A new system DSN has now been created, the entry will appear in the System Data Sources list of the ODBC administrator.

Configuring Call Stored Procedure (OLEDB) global configuration

  1. Within TaskCentre open the Call Stored Procedure (OLEDB) global properties via the following:

    Manage -> Tools -> Input -> Call Stored Procedure (OLEDB)
    via the TaskCentre system tree ODBC 4(2)

  2. Click Add to begin creating a new connection.Capture4
  3. From the list select Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers.ODBC 6
  4. Select the Machine Data Source tab and from the list locate the previously created DSN and select OK.Capture5
  5. Confirm the database connection details and select Test. A message should appear saying Connection Successful.ODBC 8
    Note: The fields may already be populated with the correct information from when the DSN was created. If not, complete the fields and select ‘Test’.
  6. Select OK to close which will prompt for a connection name.
  7. Provide a unique name for the connection and select OK. The new entry will now be displayed in the connection list.ODBC 9

The connection is now available for the Call Procedure tool to reference stored procedures within databases where only an ODBC connectivity layer is available.