Learn about: Formatting as HTML with Tables of Data

In the TaskCentre Format as HTML tool it is possible to include tables of data in the output documents. To read more about the Format as HTML tool see Learn about: Formatting as HTML

If One document or New Document is selected when column changes, then a table containing recordset data can be inserted. To design the table the Table button is pressed.

Recordset columns can be dragged from the browser to create columns in the table.

The columns can be made invisible in the table by unchecking the visible checkbox. This can be used where a section break is required on change of this value but you do not wish to display the column.

The headings of the columns can be overridden if required.

The relative percentage width can be defined for the column.If this is set to 0 then the browser displaying the table will determine the width based on the available size of window.

The data format defaults from the recordset column but can be overridden if required.

If the default (Auto) option is allowed by the designer for Hyperlink then if the data content of the recordset is prefixed by http://, ftp://, file:// or mailto then the text will be formatted as a hyperlink. To change the default click on the field and select the ‘‘ button.


This allows the hyperlink to be suppressed, or where the data does not contain a prefix to add a prefix.


If the column is numeric or currency type a subtotal can be added to the table.The subtotal will appear where a section break is specified.

The formatting tab of the Table Designer allows formatting to be applied to the table.


When a table has been designed the cursor should be placed in the main form where the table is required and the Insert button pressed.