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Codeless Platforms Branding Guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help you coherently and consistently apply our brand when you communicate. They outline what our brand stands for and how we express it.

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Codeless Platforms Logos

Codeless Platforms Logo

The Codeless Platforms logo combines professionalism and gravitas through the letter forms and bold colours. A reference to the less than symbol can be found in the negative space around the light blue diamond.

Codeless Platforms Logo

The Business Process Automation Platform logo is designed to represent the key features of the product, the drag and drop approach to building processes using the swim lane graphical user interface.

Codeless Platforms Logo

The Applications Platform logo is designed to highlight its versatility by representing pre built modules that are available, enabling anyone to rabidly build bespoke applications.

Supporting graphics


To complement our company logo and reference the less than symbol found in the negative space, we have created a versatile vector graphic that can be use in a verity of ways to build on our brand. This asset can be used in various positions to increase/decrease the size to differentiate between brochures or resources.

Click here to download the supporting graphics.


Open Sans

is our primary font

Open Sans is the only font we use for our branding. We chose Open Sans due to its clean and legible appearance, accessibility and quick load times.
To use Open Sans you must install the font into your computers font library.

Click here to download Open Sans and read installation guide.