eCommerce Marketing: How do Some Marketers Stand Out From the Crowd?

If you're working in an eCommerce marketing function you'll be familiar with the pressures this role brings. Juggling your working day between social media, direct email, content production, product updates, PPC, Affiliate marketing SEO, data transfers to a CRM application and so many more activities means that you are stretched for time every day.

Automating Data Manipulation via System Integration

Data is one of the most valuable commodities that an organisation holds. It can be used to drive company growth, improve customer service as well as to exploit new opportunities. Automating data manipulation to improve performance is fast becoming a critical part of business functions and processes.

Achieving Efficiency via Data Integration

Data integration enables businesses to be efficient in order to be competitive and to create an environment that is not only profitable but also longstanding. Every aspect of a business, from manufacturing, sales and distribution to finance, marketing and human resources, can be affected by inefficiency, usually resulting in an increase in costs and a decline in competitiveness.