Should You Build or Buy Software Applications

The 'Build or Buy Software' dilemma for organisations evaluating a new business application is long established, and one that has been the focus of heated debate between IT professionals and senior decision makers. This debate was often complex and challenging because of the variety of systems used within the organisation’s current IT landscape as well as the personal preferences.

Using PaaS to Drive Growth, Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Application delivery capability has become an essential factor in any business strategy. Businesses now need to have the flexibility to be responsive in order to exploit the opportunities presented by cloud computing and big data, satisfy the demands of the mobile mind shift as well as enhance customer and user experience. It is something that long-term planning and turnaround just cannot deliver.

Creating Next Generation Business Applications

The demand for next generation business applications is growing at an exceptional rate as many businesses are starting to realise their potential. A simple, intuitive application can help organisations manage business processes more efficiently, offer customers something unique and/or help solve a problem. The possibilities are limitless.

Integrating Magento and Access Dimensions

On their own, Access Dimensions and Magento are both extremely useful applications, helping businesses to either run smoothly or to exploit sales opportunities.

The Benefits of Automating Business Reports

Reporting procedures are commonly performed manually within an organisation to assist sales, marketing and financial forecasting. Compiling the relevant information helps a business to analyse performance levels and plan for growth.