RAD: The Future Building Blocks for Businesses

Rapid Application Development (RAD) is set to shake up the way businesses think about purchasing business software. The option to not only build an application that fits 100% of requirements rapidly, but have the ability to modify and adapt equally as quick is a refreshing alternative to the traditional procurement of business systems.

The Last Bastion of Web Design

With organisations now looking to publish data from ERP, CRM, bespoke systems or from external web services to the corporate website, web design agencies are increasingly being asked to provide a fully integrated solution. This represents a significant financial opportunity for web design agencies and repositions the industry as a key player within the IT sector.

Web Portals: Improving Access to Business Information

With the globalisation of business and the speed in which the competitive environment can change, organisations are looking for ways in which to better meet the diverse and often specific information needs of employee, suppliers, customers and other important stakeholders.

Spreadsheets vs. Database Applications

Data is one of the most valuable commodities that an organisation holds. It can range from sales, orders and customer contact details to product information, stock levels and employee information. It can be used to drive company growth, improve customer service as well as to exploit new opportunities.

Extend Business Systems with Customised Applications

Most organisations rely on core, centralised products to manage and process everyday business activities – whether this is a full blown ERP system, an accounting package, CRM system or sales platform, or a combination thereof. PaaS provides the opportunity to extend business systems with customised applications to provide them with the flexibility existing business software cannot provide.