A Guide to IT Process Automation

Learn about IT Process Automation (ITPA) and how the IT department can utilise ITPA Tools to improve its internal business processes and be the main driver for your organisation’s digital transformation strategy by identifying areas where manual administration can be reduced to save time and reduce operational costs.

A Guide to Procurement in Business

Learn about procurement in business and how it plays an important role to keep procurement costs low, maintain supplier relationships and reduce the overall price of products and services.

Your Documents, Your Reports, Your Rules

The introduction of electronic reports and documentation in the digital age has made it possible to make the entire process easier and quicker. It enables you to automate the creation and delivery of reports and documentation via email, FTP, attach the report to a CRM record or place the report on a network location - all to your exact business rules, database events and schedules. In short, it provides you, your customers, suppliers and employees with the data they need, when they need it.

Why Businesses Need To Integrate Applications

Today, businesses in all sectors rely upon multiple business systems and applications to drive growth and improve company performance. These systems, such as an ERP, CRM, WMS or eCommerce solution, store relevant information and transaction based data within operations and trading environments.

Modernising and Future-Proofing Applications

In order for a business to grow, old applications need to be modernised and future-proofed, to provide the ability and flexibility to scale up and add new functionality as and when needed. In many instances, organisations are often restricted to running the business to fit with the capabilities of their legacy system rather than dictating the business strategy for commercial reasons and utilising the software to achieve that.