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Automating the Monitoring and Reporting of ISO Compliance Management Processes with Access Dimensions

As a leading supplier and developer of manufacturing solutions, it was imperative that Cimac International adhered to International ISO standards. The requirement was to reduce operational costs, monitor key cost centres, provide information to key stakeholders in real-time and streamline the ISO compliance management process. It achieved this by automating monitoring and reporting processes in Access Dimensions using Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform.

Primary Applications Used: Access Dimensions, Astec Information systems

The Challenge

  • Achieve internationally recognised ISO standards
  • Identify and contact aged debtors
  • Improve response times to critical stakeholders
  • Monitor budget movements in real-time and reduce operational costs

To read how Cimac International overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“When we were evaluating Codeless Platforms’ BPA Platform we could see the returns that automation and alerting technology would deliver, but we could also see the intangible gains that are often undervalued.”

Mark Matthams, Finance Director, Cimac International

Case Study: Cimac International

Case Study: Cimac International

Learn how Cimac International managed to adhere to ISO standards and reduce costs via Access Dimensions integration and automation by utilising Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform.

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