Kern Ltd.

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Crystal Reports Automation: Scheduling Crystal Reports to Run Automatically

The Kern Group was established in Switzerland in 1947, and has become a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of mailroom equipment. Kern Ltd., its UK subsidiary, required a Crystal Reports Automation solution that would monitor and report on real-time changes to key company data and also automate the construction and delivery of its Crystal Reporting procedures.

Primary Applications Used: Access Dimensions, Crystal Reports

The Challenge

  • Receive business critical information in real-time
  • Improve customer service levels
  • Crystal Reports Automation
  • Alert senior managers when delays occur

To read how Kern Ltd. overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“Our business operates in a commercial environment where customer service is paramount. Members of the management team need to receive time critical information efficiently and rapidly.”

Sandra Richardson, Finance Manager, Kern Ltd.

Case Study: Kern Ltd

Case Study: Kern Ltd

Discover how The Kern Group, a mailroom equipment manufacturer, used Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform to automate its Crystal Reporting procedures, saving time and money.

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