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Automating Quality Assurance Management and Credit Control Processes

With ChevronTexaco playing such an important role in the production of the world’s energy resources, being at the forefront of quality assurance is fundamental to the success of its business. The requirement was to significantly streamline quality assurance management processes through the deployment of automation and alerting technology.

Primary Applications Used: Access Accounts, Lotus Notes

The Challenge

  • Streamline quality assurance management processes
  • Identify tasks and assign to relevant team member
  • Free up employee time
  • Improve credit control

To read how ChevronTexaco overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“With cost reduction, capital stewardship and staff restructuring becoming focal driving forces within our company, greater demands were being placed on our European quality assurance team. In short, more jobs need to be done but with less resources.”

Stephen Lester, Quality and Business Support Manager, ChevronTexaco

Case Study: ChevronTexaco

Case Study: ChevronTexaco

Learn how ChevronTexaco improved the management of its credit control and quality assurance activities via integration and automating business processes.

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