CB Imports Ltd.

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Automatic Report Generation and the Automation of Stock and Credit Control Processes

CB Imports Ltd., a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler of artificial flowers, ceramics, glassware, giftware and home décor, operates from multiple sites throughout the UK and deals with international manufacturers. It therefore required a business process automation solution that could streamline its operation. Specifically, it required a solution that could monitor and report real-time business information, including credit control and stock control processes, without the need for human intervention.

Primary Applications Used: Pegasus, Crystal Reports

The Challenge

  • Improve efficiencies relating to credit and stock control
  • Reduce time spent by employees on reporting
  • Eliminate unnecessary manual administration
  • Ensure that buyers receive real-time stock information

To read how CB Imports Ltd. overcame its challenges please download the case study.

“In any sector, you employ people to develop the business. However, most employees are often forced to take on ‘administrative’ duties, regardless of company position.”

Jonathan Hinchliffe, IT Manager, CB Imports Ltd.

Case Study: CB Imports Ltd

Case Study: CB Imports Ltd

Discover how CB Imports Ltd., a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler, used Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform to improve its stock and credit control processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

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