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BPA Platform

Data Integration

Our innovative low code data integration tools enable rapid and codeless integration of business applications and systems in Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises IT environments.

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Data integration platform with built in business process automation software.

Data Integration Platform

Integrate systems and applications in Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises IT environments with secure, reliable and scalable data integration tools.

BPA Platform enables B2B and B2C organisations of every size and industry to transform and manage data from multiple data sources and automate business processes regardless of complexity.

BPA Platforms’ low code data integration tools provide you with an enterprise-level data integration platform at an SMB price to seamlessly integrate systems, applications and web services through a simple, intuitive graphical user interface (GUI).

Our BPA Platform provides you with everything you need to transform your business whilst allowing you to quickly and easily scale your business processes up or down to accommodate changing data requirements and ensure data consistency across departments.

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Improve productivity

Allow employees to concentrate on important activities by providing your organisation with innovative automation tools.

Increase profits

Drive strategic business goals and improve decision making to improve ROI and increase company performance

Reduce risk

Eradicate human error and enforce company procedures to reduce exposure to financial risk.

Connect to anything, anywhere in a Codeless environment

Deploy BPA Platform in a Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises environment to reduce the cost of bespoke integration projects and enable your systems and applications to work together via an extensive range of rapid install Connectors, Web Services (REST or SOAP) or ODBC/OLEDB data sources.

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BPA Platform core features and architecture

BPA Platform provides you with flexible and scalable data integration tools for ETL/ELT tasks and automated workflows. Build simple or complex automated business processes that are unique to your organisation, while leveraging the power of existing systems.

Tasks and Steps

Built around central concepts of “tasks” and “steps” providing the ability to build flexible automated processes with logical building blocks, using a drag and drop UI.

Secure Integration

Integrate cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid hosted business systems, using end-to-end AES 256 security with double encryption to protect business data and transactions.


Used to create steps within a task, providing the functional building blocks that interface with common technologies, systems, and applications.

System Architecture

Deployed on-premises or as an iPaaS. It uses client software to design Tasks, a server for connectivity and processing, with a data store for data and tasks.

Whether cloud-based or on-premises, unlock endless possibilities for innovation and collaboration by integrating with SQL Server, ODBC, OLEDB, web services (REST/SOAP) and third-party APIs and utilise built-in business process automation tools to maintain, configure and adapt your business processes.

Data Integration Platform Benefits

BPA Platforms' low code data integration tools offer a scalable, cost-effective business process automation solution for organisations, ranging from the small-to-medium business to the large enterprise.

Improved efficiency

Integrating all your business systems, applications and web services will help improve efficiencies, increase employee performance and streamline operations. Using a low code integration platform removes the need for mass coding, thus reducing data integration times and costs.

Access to real-time data

System integration enables you to connect different data sources and then read and/or write data between them to ensure better data accuracy and analytics, helping to improve decision making and business management.

Digital transformation

Data integration and business process automation enables you to become more agile, resilient and stable, providing you with the framework to adapt to economic changes or new business challenges, as well as support the digital transformation process.

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Cloud, Hybrid or On-Premises

Cloud Hosting

iPaaS delivers rapid deployment, reduces upfront payments and maintenance costs, and improves scalability and scope.

Cloud Integration
On-premises Hosting

On-premises integration provides complete control over resources, higher security and compliance, and accessibility at all times.

On-premises Integration

Integration Trends & Insights

Frequently Asked Questions

System integration is the process of integrating a wide range of business systems, databases and applications together so that data can be pushed and pulled between them. These can include large legacy systems, third-party applications, enterprise applications, B2B environments, web services, micro apps and electronic data interchange solutions - whether on-premises or cloud-based.
Data integration is the process of synchronising data from multiple sources and systems, transforming it into a common structure, and then storing it in a single location. This helps provide a unified view of data, enabling organisations to improve decision making and identify trends, patterns and opportunities that would be difficult to discern from individual data sources.
Without data integration business systems, applications and databases are not able to talk to each other which results in data becoming siloed. This creates inefficiencies and can lead to serious implications for an organisation, as it can make it much harder for a company to gain insight into performance, business trends or opportunities.
Whereas system and data integration used to be fairly straightforward being contained on-premises within the enterprise, the widespread adoption of cloud-based applications and services has complicated the integration process. Any data integration projects now need to be able to cater for hybrid integration scenarios, with the ability to connect on-premises business systems with cloud applications, and vice versa.
Integrating business systems, applications and web services helps improve efficiencies and performance, streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer service, increase agility, and ultimately provide organisations with more accurate data so that they can make decisions faster.
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