Codeless Platforms Partners with EdenOne to Offer Enhanced Business Process Automation

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Codeless Platforms is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with EdenOne Solutions. The agreement authorises EdenOne Solutions to offer Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform, a unique state-of-the-art business process automation (BPA) suite, to its SAP Business One customer base.

Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform will enable EdenOne’s customers to access a full range of business automation processes via the four main capabilities: Data Integration & Synchronisation, Notifications & Alerts, Report & Documentation and Workflow & Human Interaction.

“Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform complements the extensive capabilities of SAP Business One to present a unique way for businesses to create competitive advantage. The BPA Platform provides a simplified user experience with users able to create and manage multiple automated processes in a highly efficient manner.”

Rob Furnivall, Alliances Director, EdenOne Solutions
  1. Popular business processes which can be seamlessly integrated to SAP Business One include, but are by no means limited to;
    Automated credit referencing to reduce the risk of business exposure to bad debt.
  2. Account on hold. With complete flexibility, business process alerts can be designed to inform account managers when changes occur with an account.
  3. Open sales opportunities. Advanced business alerts can be sent via email to inform sales management of any outstanding sales opportunities that are maintained in SAP Business One.

Due to the complete integration with SAP Business One and the ability to automate practically any business process, customers will be able to further improve visibility of business operations.

Partner Focus: EdenOne

Partner Focus: EdenOne

Discover how EdenOne enhanced functionality for SAP Business One users to offer additional functionality to customers, generate additional recurring revenues and fulfil customer requirements for data integration.

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