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A Guide to BPA Project Management – Planning Your Implementation

A Guide to BPA Project Management BPA project management is the process of planning and structuring the implementation of business process automation software throughout a business to streamline workflow processes, reduce administration times and costs, drive company revenue and improve productivity. Business process…

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What is Business Activity Monitoring Software?

What is business activity monitoring (BAM) software? Business activity monitoring software is an application that can monitor multiple data sources, identify changes in data to the specific business rules of an organisation and trigger the delivery of information via multiple communication methods in…

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Codeless Platforms Helps Swanky Improve Data Integrity for Shopify Plus Merchants

eCommerce has completely re-written the rulebook when it comes to selling products and services. It has provided businesses with massive opportunities for growth and enabled the exploitation of new markets across the world, but has also given smaller companies or start-ups the ability to…

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