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What is ERP Software?

This is a guest blog from Frontline Consultancy. What is ERP software? ERP is a piece of software that integrates the different departments within an organisation. A well-designed and expertly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning system enables each department to share information and resources by…

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BPA Platform January 2018 Tool Updates

BPA Platform received some updates in January to its Sage 200 Connector and SAP Business One Connector Tools. Here’s what you need to know. Sage 200 Connector Tool version 4.4 The Sage 200 Connector tool has now been updated to include support for Sage…

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Automating Employee Onboarding Processes with SymVolli Maestro

Recruiting and onboarding new employees can be a time-consuming process – especially when it concerns a large, constantly changing workforce. Managing applicants, the interview process and the mass of information that comes with all this activity can be a headache. When the selection process…

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