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Shopping Cart Abandonment Tips: How to Improve eCommerce Sales

How to improve conversion rates by reducing shopping cart abandonment You’re putting a great effort into getting customers on to your eCommerce store. Once there your great UI/UX and crafty conversion optimisation techniques are converting customers well. Where else can you optimise the process?…

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What is Application Integration?

Bringing data together with application integration What is application integration? Application integration means bringing data or a specific function from one business application to another. Today, businesses in all sectors rely upon multiple business systems and applications to drive growth and improve company…

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Cut Costs & Improve Email Marketing Campaigns via Automation Tools

Point and Click Email Marketing Platform Integration and Marketing Automation Tools Despite the rise in social media, email is still one of the most useful and powerful tools available to marketers and businesses alike. The B2B market has been quite slow to adopt social…

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